Our Markets

We distinguish between our domestic market in Mexico and our international markets:

International Market

We export wholesale to countries and large agglomerations among which are:

  • Europe: Paris, Spain, Hamburg and Rotterdam.
  • Russia: Saint Petersburg, Moscow
  • United States: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis Missouri, San Francisco
  • Canada: Toronto, Montreal.
  • Asia: China and Japan.
  • Central America: Colombia,

among others.

Domestic market

In the near future, we plan to open our Online Store where you can make your Secure Purchase, putting us at the forefront with the Electronic Commerce System, which goes beyond and exceeding your expectations in which your orders arrive in time and form in very short periods that have returned this system in the most innovative of the XXI Century where your purchase is so safe and with the satisfaction guarantee that you deserve.

In Mexico we plan to participate in the Cambaceo B2B System (Business to Business). All this is undertaken to get closer to the business and eliminate the high costs of the merchants through the means of distribution. This activates our presence, guaranteeing the highest quality of our product direct from the garden to the consumer.