Who are we?

Nature Life Fruit was founded by industry veterans in management and produce. Shortly after its formation the company exceeded market demands by being able to offer a production capacity of more than hundreds of tons per week to satisfy the high demand in different markets so all needs of our customers were met.

Nature Life Fruit primarily caters to foreign and overseas markets, including all of Europe, Russia and Northern America.

To service our markets worldwide, the company has access to a vast network of growers and packers in Mexico and other neighboring countries.

For avocados we work with growers in the most fertile regions for avocados in the state of Michoacan. You may call it the avocado-capital of the world.

For bananas we work with multiple producers in Latin American countries, especially Colombia, so the high demand and quality standards can be competitively met.

Nature Life Fruit S.A. de C.V. was founded by
Mr. José Salgado and Mr. Ruud Straat

Ruud Straat

Ruud is the Managing Director of Nature Life Fruit .

Ruud is from the Netherlands. Ruud speaks Spanish fluently with our team in Mexico and our exporters, which is key to make sure we exceed the expectations of our customers.

Based in Europe, Ruud coordinates all activities that relate to the import of fruit and vegetables from Latin America  to Europe. He makes sure that the imports meet all needs and regulatory requirements in the home markets of our importers.

Ruud  opens up new markets for Nature Life Fruit . Ruud sets targets, distribution lines and negotiates pricing with importers.

Ruud is highly competitive and wishes to create a win-win for our exporters and importers.

His focus is always on the customer: While the company aims to grow, the  the customer takes center stage to receive the highest quality fruit and vegetable there is on the market.

Ruud’s Curriculum:

Ruud Straat is a highly experienced international executive. He has lived and worked in the centers of business in the USA and Europe. He has consulted dozens of clients such as  Microsoft and Lockheed Martin in the US and DFS, the German Air Navigation Center in Germany. He held senior management positions at Deloitte and CSC. He headed the professional services division of 200 consultants right in Silicon Valley. Ruud has almost 30 years of C-level business management in various capacities as investor, owner and advisory to businesses and investors.

Ruud founded Nature Life Fruit Plus to bring his wealth of knowledge to the benefit of Nature Life Fruit ‘s clients with

His knowledge and experience anchors with proven track records are

  • consulted to Fortune 500 companies and start-ups;
  • built companies from scratch, with exponential growth
  • dealt with venture capital for innovators and large scale real estate holdings
  • managed €100’s of millions in real estate, technology and and other investments for innovative companies
  • Ruud holds an MBA from top tiered University of Aachen, Germany (RWTH Aachen) and attended Stanford’s Executive Program
  •  Ruud speaks five languages fluently: English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French

José Salgado

Meet our Director of Operations, based in Mexico.

Jose Salgado is co-founder of Nature Life Fruit and acts as Director of Operations, responsible for all Mexican operations.

His area covers one of the best grounds for growing the highest quality fruits and vegetables. It is also called the capital of the world for growing the best quality avocados in the world.

Jose oversees the overall value chain for our fruit and vegetable business in Mexico.

José is a native from Michoacan and has built a vast network of growers and packers of avocados but also other fruits and produce

His responsibility covers a vast array of activities like selection of the plantations for export, bidding, quality control, maintaining all lines of communication with the producers, delivery and transportation. Jose makes sure the highest quality leaves the country to arrive in A+++ condition at the port of entry for our customers.

Jose truly is “our boots on the ground” in Mexico to make sure all of our Mexican activities run smoothly and can satisfy all demands and inquiries our foreign customers have.

By managing the “agricultural projects” as he calls it, he can make available large quantities of fruit and vegetables of the highest qualities to an international market in which demand soars as never before. For example, the recognition of the health benefits of the avocados are very well known to a larger public nowadays.

José has worked all his life in agriculture and has intimate knowledge of the requirements to grow an all natural product and make it available to an international market by adapting to its pre-requisites for export, logistics and sales.

Jose makes sure all merchandise leaves Mexico according to the highest standards and each shipment arrives with the highest quality of fruits and vegetables our customers praise us for.