Our Mission and Objectives

Our mission

It is to position ourselves uniquely as one of the main Fruit and Vegetable Exporting Companies in the Latin American region, with a special focus to offer the world’s best avocados that are in such high demand. We always offer top quality fruit, with an exquisite flavor and fine presentation in the main destination markets.

To execute on our Mission we select, pack and market fresh avocados and other produce with the highest standards of quality and safety and freshness, under phytosanitary and quality standards, at the best prices in both domestic and foreign markets, meeting the needs and demands of our consumers. Always having as our main interest the health and well-being of our friends, customers, suppliers, partners, final consumers, the avocado industry, the environment and the physical, economic and social security of all those who are part Tierra Vita Plus S.A..

Our quality objectives

Nature Life Fruit has the following quality objectives

  1. Efficiency and efficiency in the technical-productive process of fruit packaging.
  2. Elimination of the quantity of low quality product in receipt and packing.
  3. Offering an innocuous product supervised under the health and quality standards applicable by USDA, GPA and other export authorities to our avocados for export.