Our Growers


For avocados our growers are located in the best areas in the world to grow avocados.

For our avocados, we have very close connections to our growers in the State of Michoacán, it is located in the Pacific Zone of Mexico. The second largest city of the State, is Uruapan, which comes from the Purépecha Uruapan dialect meaning “the flowering and fruiting of a plant at the same time”, which has been translated as “place where everything flowers”.

Uruapan is considered the Avocado Capital of the World because it is surrounded by villages and orchards that harvest such fruit, such as the town of Condembaro, which is only 48.9 km from Uruapan and fifteen minutes from Tancitaro, the Authentic Avocado Capital of the World.

The creamy texture and delicious flavor makes our Hass Avocado unique and distinguishes itself from the competition. We implement the strictest procedures in all our processes, from harvest, packing and delivery of the product. Let us serve you avocado wholesale, we handle different sizes of avocados and check that our customer service is the best in the market.

Demand the best quality hass avocados in the world:
Avocados from Mexico: Avocados from Tierra Vita Plus.


Most of our bananas come from Colombia, where we have a network of the highest quality growers.

In addition we work with growers in the state Chiapas in Mexico to offset very high demands we  have experienced in the highly competitive banana market.

Other fruit and vegetables

We can fill any custom order of other fruits and vegetables in a very short order of time, because of the network we maintain in Latin America that can satisfy high quality and capacity demands.