Our avocados

Over the last three years, Nature Life Fruit has seen an increase of about 20% in annual demand for this delicious fruit. Demand is high, so it is a good market for you to be in. We deliver the best avocados in the world, no doubt about that.

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Nature Life Fruit offers mainly the Hass avocado, but can also offer Ettinger, Fuerte and other varieties.

Here is why the avocado is so much in demand:

The avocado is one of the healthiest fruits

The avocado is a fruit that is usually used as a vegetable. It has a delicate flavor and is easy to consume. It is rich in monounsaturated fats, antioxidants and minerals, all allies of our health. Taking into account these nutritional properties, it is highly recommended for all segments of the population: Children, youth, adults, athletes, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly.

Due to its contribution of antioxidants and fats of the healthy monounsaturated type, its consumption is recommended especially for those who are at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. The monounsaturated fats have the property of reducing the total cholesterol levels in blood, at the expense of the so-called “bad cholesterol”, the LDL-c, while increasing the levels of HDL-c, “the good cholesterol”, which in our body is responsible for transporting cholesterol through the blood from the cells to the liver, preventing it from accumulating in the walls of blood vessels

Its fats are the main component after water, so its caloric value is high compared to other fruits, but lower than coconut, with higher fat content.

ripe avocado cut in half on a wooden table

It provides a low amount of carbohydrates and even less protein.
As for fat, it is mostly monounsaturated; 72% of the total fats is oleic acid, characteristic of olive oil.It is rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and low in sodium. Potassium is necessary for the transmission and generation of the nervous impulse, for normal muscular activity and intervenes in the water balance inside and outside the cell. Magnesium is related to the functioning of the intestine, nerves and muscles, is part of bones and teeth and improves immunity.

It emphasizes its content of vitamin E (antioxidant, intervenes in the stability of blood cells and in fertility) and certain water-soluble vitamins of group B, such as B6 or pyridoxine, which helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Their fats are good, they contain protein and carotenoids, they are natural anti-inflammatories, they are also good for your heart.

Not all avocados were created equal, there are many variations (see picture below) with the avocados most commonly found around the world being the Fuerte and Hass avocado variety.

The infographic below gives a better indication of those 15 avocado varieties more easily found commercially.

Here’s a closer look at some of the more common avocado varieties that are likely to end up in our kitchens:

Bacon Avocado

With a name that might be too good to be true for some, the bacon avocado is Californian in origin with a uniform oval shape and green skin. Medium large in size they are generally available from autumn to spring and have a more delicate taste than some other varieties.

Fuerte Avocado

The fuerte avocado takes a characteristic elongated form and is cultivated mainly throughout Mexico and Central America, although its origin is hybrid (half between Mexico and Guatemala). It is one of the most beloved of all avocado varieties, perhaps for the ease in removing the skin from the flesh. Until a few years ago it was the most popular avocado in the United States.

Hass Avocado

Hass is perhaps one of the most famous avocado varieties and considered by many to be the best. The flavor is quite intense and the flesh is very creamy, perfect for guacamole. Until the 1930s, Fuerte was the best-known variety in the USA, until Rudolf Hass, a green fingered postman, planted some avocado seeds for a small plantation. Hass then patented the tree he chose and it was later discovered that it was a variety that came from Guatemala.


Another widely cultivated avocado in is the Ettinger, a shiny, green avocado with a fine skin. They are medium/large in size and especially very soft, perfect for smoothies and blended recipes. The flesh tends to yellow especially when it is very mature.

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