The high Nature Life Fruit quality of the banana is essential for sales, since it makes the difference in prices and demand, in each of the competitive markets.

Nature Life Fruit delivers a large variety of bananas, qualities, sizes, including organic ones.

The bananas we mainly sell are of the subgroup “Cavendish”

Timing is essential for export, Tierra Vita Plus takes care of that.

Our bananas are  intended for export. They require that the harvest be made in accordance with age at the time of cutting, for which it is necessary to have its timing of of its aging or maturity properly identified.
Without this control system, it can result in a mixture of fruits of various ages within the same box, which has a serious repercussion as the ripening risks increase during transport to the final destination.
On the other hand, if the fruit arrives with indications of maturation, it brings as a consequence a programming of the ripening process in the cold storage chambers, hindering the commercialization, which is why it is important to make use of the packing and harvest calendar.

Please consult the Tierra Vita Plus banana spec sheet for your order:

Nature Life Fruit Banana Spec Sheet